Pool Coping: What, Why, and Who

Nope, pool coping is not learning how to enjoy the glorious benefits of your newfound life of luxury. The edging or capping placed around a pool’s shell wall, pool coping protects the pool’s structure and ensures that water flows properly from the pool into deck drains.

Benefits of Pool Coping:

  • Keeps your pool clean and free from debris
  • Reduces slipping hazard for swimmers
  • Removes contaminants from water
  • Provides aesthetic value

Materials to Choose:

Of the various materials available on the market, there are several factors that you’ll want to consider when investing in pool coping:

  • Safety. Make sure that your chosen material is slip-resistant.
  • Affordability. Seek coping that is within your budget. Consider both installation and maintenance costs, making sure not to forsake functionality (or safety!) just to save a few bucks.
  • Durability. Research how long your chosen material tends to last, taking into account your location’s climate/environment and how often your pool is used.
  • Style. Have a look around your yard to make sure that your chosen material blends well with the background. Nothing ruins a beautiful backyard like unsightly architecture!

Of the many styles and materials available in pool coping, cement checks all the boxes of what you need. Not only will concrete coping make your pool look bigger, but it will provide a seamless transition between your pool and the deck. With both poured and precast to choose from, the range of colors and patterns available will give your custom concrete coping a unique look and feel. Contact NJ Gravel & Sand today to discuss your dream home of tomorrow.

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