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Giving Christmas Fruit Cakes All Year

Perhaps you were one of the many people who received a fruit cake this holiday season. Perhaps you did not realize just how tasty and decadent these desserts can be. Now, you want to give them as gifts to people you know. You do not have to wait until the holidays to...

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Fun Facts About Fruit Cake

People have definite opinions about fruit cakes. They either really love them or really not love them. There is rarely anything in-between. What are fruit cakes exactly? Fruit cakes, as the name suggests, are a heavy cake with ingredients of candied or dried fruits,...

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Why Fruit and Nut Cake Works Well for a Formal Dinner

Could fruit and nut cake be the ideal choice for your next formal dinner party? This could be the ideal choice for you for several reasons. Most people would not think about using fruit cake for a dinner party, but why not? Consider how unique it could be. More so, it...

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What Goes Into Traditional Fruit Cake?

Do you remember growing up and enjoying a special cake during the holiday months? Perhaps someone would send your family a box with the cake in it each year, and you would look forward to opening it up, smelling the unique scent, and touching the sticky goodness it...

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What Makes for a Gourmet Fruitcake?

Perhaps you have had your grandmother’s fruitcake from many years ago and loved it. Perhaps you even make your own. But you are hosting a special event. You want to offer a more high end or luxurious option. When it comes to finding a gourmet fruitcake, there are...

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