Month: April 2017

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Beginner Techniques of Abstract Art

Abstract art is art that does not portray a realistic object, place or entity. With the use of patterns, shapes, and lines the resulting artwork is a unique masterpiece. There are many methods that an artist uses to achieve the abstract look. Here are some techniques...

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Chevy Trucks – A Truck Like No Other

What makes a truck a truck? Or better yet, what makes a Chevy truck better than everything else out there in the market? Chevy trucks have been on the road since the 1900’s and since then they have stood out amongst the pack. Known for their passenger yet industrial...

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How to Shop for Printer Toner

As efficient as printers are, maintaining them can be a headache. It’s no wonder that many companies (and printer owners) advise simply buying a brand new printer instead of making the leap to buy whole new ink cartridges. However, if you have a laser printer or any...

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