Beginner Techniques of Abstract Art

Abstract art is art that does not portray a realistic object, place or entity. With the use of patterns, shapes, and lines the resulting artwork is a unique masterpiece. There are many methods that an artist uses to achieve the abstract look. Here are some techniques that you can use if you are beginner artist looking to get started in this genre.

Throw Out the Rule Book

There are no set instructions on how to create an abstract piece. Many artists paint as they go along, expressing what they feel in the moment. This is a great way to get your creative ideas on canvas. Place your palette of colors in front of you and paint what your emotions, what you feel in your head. Random shapes and strokes may come to mind—don’t overthink them, just paint the canvas!

Inspiration in Artwork

Find inspiration in your everyday surroundings. Visit art galleries and installations. You can find original abstract paintings in Chicago and other neighboring cities. Your fellow artists can inspire something new inside of you that you may not have thought to try before. Embrace your art community.

Photography Can Inspire

Find a picture in your photo book that you love. Study the colors and the feeling it evokes. Use this as a reference point when starting to paint your abstract work. Remember you are not drawing the actual picture you are looking at, but rather use the photo as motivation to get creative.

Just Have Fun

Don’t take the abstract technique so serious. Have fun with it! Let your hands lead the way when painting on your canvas. Abstract art is not meant to be or look perfect, keep this in mind as you paint. Enjoy the artistic process and just let yourself go and enjoy the moment.

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