Ready for New Carpet? Get to Know The Main Types

Are you looking for new carpet in Aurora? If so, you should take some time to look into the different types available. There are two main categories of carpet, and within those categories, there are several types. By learning more about the carpet types, you can be well-prepared to shop.

Cut Pile Carpet

The first carpet category is called cut pile carpet. This carpet is made of fiber ends that are evenly cut. Within this category, there are a number of different types.

One type is called “Saxony.” This carpet is dense, and it’s clipped at about ½ inch in length. It is soft and smooth, that is often placed in formal settings. You might see this as “plush” carpet. Another type of cut pile carpet is “Textured.” This isn’t as dense as Saxony, but it is still quite soft. This is the most popular carpet type on the market. Finally, there is “Frieze” carpet. These are made of short, twisted, pile fiber and great for busy areas. It is usually used in commercial settings or in informal rooms.

Loop Pile Carpet

The other main carpet category is called loop pile carpet. This carpet is made of loops that are fastened at each end to the backing. They very durable and often chosen for high-traffic rooms. There are two main types of look pile carpets.

The first type of loop pile carpet is known as “Berber.” This is made of loops, usually made of nylon or wool. It is very dense, and not a good choice for homes with pets, as their nails might get caught in the loops. The second type of loop pile carpet is called “Level Loop.” These are loops that are tufted, which help to create a smooth surface. It is great for high-traffic areas, as it is more stiff and harder than other carpets.

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