Find Out More About a Glass Block Window Replacement in Baltimore, MD

If you want to add a window that will keep your property private and safe, you need to review the glass block windows featured online. These eye-catching windows are a unique option to windows made of plate glass. Many people do not know that you can buy glass block windows in various textures and patterns. These windows are often placed outside of basements to create a watertight seal and enhance security.

How Much Privacy Do You Need?

If you are seeking a basement window replacement in Baltimore, MD, glass block is well worth your consideration. When choosing a glass block design, you can choose from a wavy look, which provides normal privacy, or an ice look that supplies privacy with more style. You can also consider diamond glass block windows, which maximize privacy while increasing the amount of light.

You will discover that a glass block window replacement will offer double the thermal resistance of traditional windows made of single-glazed glass. As a result, you can heat or cool a space without worrying about drafts or a waste of energy. This type of window also adds about 35% more light when installed next to a basement.

A Maintenance-Free Product

If you want to detract intruders, you will find that a glass block window replacement is one that you cannot afford by overlook. This type of window has several advantages that you simply can’t downplay. If you want a maintenance-free window—one that resists scratches or marks—or a window that does not need sealing, this is the one to pick.

Who to Contact Online

Would you like to know more about this window style? If so, simply click here for all of the details. Make it your goal to find a basement or security window that adds value and saves you money. If you have never installed a glass block before, you should see what you have been missing.

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