Building the Home of Your Dreams in Edmonton

You’ve found it; the perfect spot for your dream home. Now, you need a home builder that will take your dream and make it a reality. What should you look for in home builders in Edmonton?

Years of Experience

A home builder in Edmonton must have years of experience in building unique, one-of-a-kind, truly custom-designed residences. Will special permits need to be obtained before construction can start? Which permits require special attention? For example, does the renovation of your home need a permit for infill construction or for renovation within a historical neighborhood with specific rules about what can be done to structures within that neighborhood?

Plenty of Resources

Your home builders should have vast resources for getting high-end supplies. These suppliers and sub-contractors also have experience in creating luxury homes. Custom features like a fountain flowing from a wall, intricately designed vaulted ceilings and backlit, electronic draperies in your movie room that give a home a touch of pizzazz and leave your guests breathless are some of the details a home builder in Edmonton that has years in the industry can offer.

Big Dreamers Are Big Home Builders

It’s important your home builder in Edmonton is a big dreamer. How else can they create your dream home if they don’t dream with you? Are they able to listen to you and work with a designer to put your dreams onto paper and then translate that into the materials and workers needed to build your dream? Why have a shower stall in the master bathroom when you can have a shower room large enough for a small party and with enough shower jets everything gets cleaned at the same time.

To learn more about choosing the right custom home builders in Edmonton, contact Davery Homes of Distinction.

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