Avoiding Trouble with Child Support Law in Frederick

Fathers who don’t know much about child support law in Frederick can find themselves in serious trouble for unknowingly violating it. Working with a lawyer is usually enough to help a father avoid trouble with child support laws. The problem is some people think that they can figure everything out by themselves.

Establishing Paternity

An important part of child support law in Frederick is establishing paternity. If a man thinks that he is the victim of paternity fraud and is paying support for a child that isn’t biologically related to him, they should hire a lawyer. With the lawyer’s help, a DNA test can be conducted and the results submitted to the court. A DNA test might help if a man signed the birth certificate of the child and is now claiming that the child isn’t biologically his.

Getting A DNA Test

A father doesn’t need the mother’s consent in order to get a DNA test. If a father has visitation rights, he can take the child to a testing center to get the test done. In some cases, the mother doesn’t want to produce the child for a court-ordered test. That can result in the mother being held in contempt of court and being placed under arrest.

Adjusting Payments

Another way that a lawyer can help a man is by adjusting the child support payments. What if a father loses his job or is forced to take a cut in pay? Should they still have to pay the same amount of money in child support? If a father can’t afford to make the payments that they are supposed to, their lawyer can petition the court for a reduction.

Getting Custody

A lawyer can also help a father who wants to get physical custody of their child. Although it can be an uphill battle, it is possible for a father to win physical custody of their child. If a father is indeed awarded physical custody, they might actually receive child support from the mother. Any father who wants help can schedule an appointment with a lawyer. The lawyer can help him with his custody case and to get a fair outcome in court.

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