Options for Window Replacement in O’Fallon, MO When Frames Are Drafty or Glass Is Damaged

Window Replacement in O’Fallon MO can be done in two main ways. The first is to replace the glass with a new insert while keeping the older frames. This helps the homeowners save money, but it will not be an energy-efficient option if the frames are very old. The other option is to replace the entire window, including the frame.

Reasons for Replacement

Sometimes, homeowners must have Window Replacement in O’Fallon MO because the glass was broken or developed a stress crack. In other cases, the household is dissatisfied because the windows are old and drafty. Often, the draftiness is associated with the frames, but old, single-pane glass is no help either.

The household residents may suspect that the windows are drafty but not be entirely certain. This can be tested by lighting a candle and holding it near the window frame. If the flame does not stay straight, that verifies a draft.


Exterior caulking may stop cold and hot air from getting inside even with the old frames. The old glass could be removed and replaced with an energy-efficient option. Homeowners who are particular about the way the exterior of the house looks, however, may not be pleased with the look of the sealant. It’s difficult to hide completely.

Seasonal Considerations

Winter is usually the season when people get most disgruntled about the drafty windows. They feel the effects in certain areas of various rooms that are chilly compared with the rest of the house. The furnace has to work harder because of heat loss.

Many men and women tape plastic around the windows either inside or outside, but this is a hassle and they may not like the way it looks. In Missouri, the summer’s heat and humidity can also cause significant problems with interior climate control.

Because winter may make the issues more noticeable, homeowners may wonder whether they can schedule window replacement at that time of year. Because winters in this region have few extremely cold days, a company like A M Richards Glass Co Inc can complete this project on a warmer, sunny day. Very cold temperatures interfere with sealants.

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