The Beautiful Ford F-150

Ford has no trouble whatsoever backing up its claim that the 2019 Ford F-150 is the best full-size pickup truck in America. Arlington Heights Ford is selling the Ford F-150 that Buffalo Grove customers can truly customize and make to their liking. As a full-size pickup, you expect the F-150 to have plenty of horsepower, towing capacity, and storage solutions for busy folks on the go and workers who need to get a hard day’s work done. And that’s exactly what Ford delivered with this one.

Two focal points of the design in 2019 was to make sure that the Ford F-150 out-classes every other truck in its class in terms of hauling and towing capacity. The great news is that Ford accomplished that mission. You won’t find another truck in this class that can haul so much or tow so much and still give you efficiency and performance out there on the road. The towing and hauling capacity give you legendary capability and a truck that can handle the drive.

This year the Ford F-150 that Buffalo Grove customers have been waiting for has arrived with much fanfare at Arlington Heights Ford ( You’ll be able to test drive the F-150 with an expert salesman who knows everything about this beast of a truck. It comes in many trims so that you have a lot of choices: The XL, XLT, Lariat, King Ranch, Platinum, Limited, and of course, the amazing Raptor trim that so many folks are buzzing about both online and off. It’s a legendary lineup of trims from a full-size pickup truck that always lives up to its name. Its high-strength steel, military grade aluminum body is as tough as tough can get, and there’s plenty of horses under the hood, too. Customers are welcome to head to Arlington Heights Ford and see what all the fuss is about.

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