Making Choices About Shower Door Enclosures in Santa Clarita CA Before Master Bath Renovation

When homeowners are planning a major renovation for the master bath, they’ll want to peruse photo galleries of possibilities, even if they already have a fairly good idea of what they want. Shower Door Enclosures in Santa Clarita CA should be included in the considerations if these men and women know they want a door instead of a curtain for this bathing area. High-quality, attractive shower doors bring a more upscale look to master bathrooms.

Opening and Closing Designs

Shower Door Enclosures in Santa Clarita CA can either slide to the side or pull open into the room. Housing codes prohibit the doors from opening into the shower if that would block another person from quickly entering in case of a fall or other emergency. If homeowners want a pull-out door, they must be sure there is no interference with the door to the bathroom. These doors can be used whether the new shower will be a standalone model or installed in the bathtub area.

Advantages of Clear Doors

Clear doors make the bathroom look larger and can be preferable when the interior of the shower has tile that coordinates with the rest of the room’s color scheme. A person inside the shower feels less confined being able to look out into the room.

Frosted and Textured Products

In contrast, some men and women prefer frosted or textured glass for privacy reasons. This is useful when someone else in the home will occasionally be in the bathroom while another person is showering. Perhaps two people must get ready for work at the same time. One can use the mirror and sink while the other person showers.

Preventing Leaks With Frameless Doors

Both framed and frameless doors are available to be installed by a contractor such as Palmdale Glass and Mirror Company. For a standalone shower, the frameless product requires a somewhat different stall design to prevent water from leaking out. A shower sweep with a drip rail is included at the bottom of the door. This component may eventually need to be replaced if it is made of rubber, since rubber gradually deteriorates.

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