Signs it is Time for Basement Leak Repair in Fairfax, VA

No homeowner wants water in their home. Unfortunately, the real problem occurs when they don’t react properly to flooding. Some homeowners believe a small leak is no big deal, but it’s important to remember that any leak in a home needs to be handled right away, even if it is in the basement. Some signs it is time for basement leak repair in Fairfax VA can be found here.

Mildew or Mold Growth

Mold is never a good sign. This is partly because mold has likely been in the basement for quite a while. Mold and mildew form in damp and moist environments and may be present even if a person can’t see or smell it. Mold can also appear in different colors from blue to black, green, yellow, and more.

Small Cracks are Present

As mentioned above, no crack in the home’s foundation is a good crack to have. As a general rule, if the home’s foundation is cracked, and the crack is more than one-fourth of an inch wide, or if there are stair-step cracks in the blocks, it’s a good idea to invest in repairs right away.

Once the cracks are fixed, call for basement leak repair in Fairfax VA immediately. If these measures aren’t taken, it could compromise the structure the next time it rains or snows.

The Smell of Mildew

While it’s normal for an unfinished basement to smell musty from time to time, if there are consistent moldy smells, it’s a bad sign. If there is a smell of mildew, it is often the first clue that there’s a problem in the home. Be sure to follow the smell to find the origin of the odor.

White Substances on the Walls

Referred to as efflorescence, this powder is a deposit that comes into the home after a major leak. It isn’t something to be concerned about right away, but it needs to be repaired to ensure the longevity of the walls.

Don’t underestimate the benefits of seeking basement waterproofing in a timely manner. Additional information can be found by taking the time to browse our website.

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