Residential Home Care Newnan GA Can Help a Hospice Patient to Be Comfortable

Residential Home Care Newnan GA helps patients to go through the end of life gracefully by providing support with physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. Patients who are nearing the end of life shouldn’t be confined to a bed or be home-bound when hospice care is available. Hospice provides care for terminally ill patients and helps them to retain their dignity up to the very end. Sacred Journey Hospice provides patients with quality end-of-life care that is meaningfully in every way.

Hospice Care

Hospice assists with all aspects of patient needs. Caregivers are there to lend a hand which can be especially important if a patient chooses to remain at home. A caregiver’s job is to keep a patient comfortable and to assist them with everyday tasks so that they can remain as active as possible. A physician will determine if nursing care is necessary and for how many hours per day. A nurse plays a vital role in giving medication and assessing the patient for any issues that are uncontrolled and need further intervention.

The Little Things Count

When a patient enters hospice care it’s important for life to remain as normal as possible. Getting up, dressing, and attending to personal needs should be part of each day if a patient is capable of doing so. Playing games and visiting with family and friends can be a valuable and meaningful part of the day for a terminally ill patient. Eating balanced meals and taking medication as prescribed can help a patient to feel comfortable during the end of their journey.

Emotional and Spiritual Needs

Residential Home Care Newnan GA can make it easier for a patient to continue with their social life which can play an important role for a hospice patient. Feeling the love of family and friends can be comforting during these final days. Connecting spiritually can lessen a patient’s fears and provide them with inner peace. Meeting a patient’s spiritual needs may include arranging visits from a clergyman or other spiritual adviser who can help them to embrace their final moments of life.

Finding peace while remaining at home is one option that many hospice patients choose. Hospice care doesn’t try to cure a patient, it simply provides the means for them to be as comfortable as possible. Contact Sacred Journey Hospice for more information!

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