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Studies show that carpet is the most popular flooring material in the U.S. However, consumers should do a little research before making a purchase. There’s a huge variety of styles and textures of carpeting that make all the difference in a home. Visit a distributor of Mohawk carpet in Evanston and have a look around. Better yet, Visit the website before you go.

Carpet Styles

Carpet fibers are attached to a backing, and the way the carpet is attached defines the style. For example, loop pile carpeting contains fibers that are bent into tiny loops. Further confusing matters, several types of carpeting come under the heading of loop pile. Level loop carpeting is known as Berber. This type of carpet is very durable and stands up well to a lot of traffic. Also, carpet has a patterned texture by varying the length of the loops. Look for multi-loop at Mohawk Carpet in Evanston.

Cut Pile Carpet

The yarn ends are cut, and there are no loops in cut pile carpet. Cut pile carpet is ideal for those who prefer softer carpet. Indeed, the plush cut pile has a rich, traditional appearance, and it’s very soft. Saxony carpet is a form of cut pile carpet that has thicker fibers. Thicker and longer fibers are used to create shag carpeting.

Carpet Quality

The heavier carpeting is, the better the quality. Indeed, the weight lets the consumer know how many fibers were used in manufacturing. Carpet makers use many man-made materials in the manufacturing process. Interestingly, sixty percent of carpeting sold in the U.S. contains nylon. The material is very strong, feels good to walk on, but is not stain resistant. That’s why nylon carpeting often receives a stain treatment.

The only natural material used to make carpet is wool. It’s no surprise that wool carpeting is considered the top of the line. Moreover, it is durable and stain-resistant. The material olefin makes a carpet that’s thinner than nylon. Olefin is often used in basements because it withstands mold and mildew. All types of carpeting come in many colors so consumers can find something to complement their decor. Remember, darker colors hide stains while lighter colors make a room look larger. Visit the website for more information.

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