Vibration Analysis in San Antonio Helps Keep Expensive Industrial Assets Online

Many industrial machines incorporate rotating shafts that are used to drive assemblies that allow them to serve their basic purposes. With these shafts typically rotating at thousands of revolutions per minute, even a bit of misalignment can easily lead to excessive wear, costly breakdowns, and other problems.

Making good use of Vibration Analysis in San Antonio is one way of ensuring that such valuable assets will always be protected and maintained as well as possible. Companies like Laser Precision make it easy for businesses throughout the area to leverage the power of this informative, useful technique.

Vibration Often Paints the Most Telling Picture of All

There are quite a few ways to assess the condition and status of any machine, some of them normally more accessible and illuminating than others. When a piece of industrial equipment is in operation, its regular movements will cause vibrations that can be measured, summarized and analyzed to achieve this frequently important goal.

Vibration Analysis in San Antonio is most often employed to calculate whether and how much machines have strayed from their original, desired settings. Making use of this technique involves a three stage process that allows for this to happen:

  • Benchmarking.
  • Once a machine has been set up properly and calibrated as recommended, it will be put into operation. The characteristic vibrations that result will then be measured and recorded so as to serve as a baseline for later comparison. It will always be necessary to take particular care at this stage to ensure the utmost in accuracy and precision, so as to avoid giving rise to mistaken conclusions later on.
  • Measurement.
  • At regular times thereafter, the machine’s vibration signature will then be recorded again. A consistent schedule of such measurements will enable not only the identification of problems that have recently arisen but also the highlighting of ongoing trends.
  • Analysis.
  • With two or more measurements in hand, analysis can then proceed. Whether this means looking at particular harmonics or studying the time-based waveform in general, plenty of conclusions will normally be possible.

An Investment into Better Running Equipment

Making vibration analysis a regular part of maintenance and upkeep will always pay off. This powerful means of keeping track of the condition of machines and components will always repay the investments made into it.









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