Improving Accuracy By Upgrading Scope Mounts

Accuracy is important for any serious shooting, regardless of their shooting preference. It is essential for competitions and events, but it is equally important for bragging rights after a day at the shooting range or out hunting. While in most competitive events, the shooters will be required to use iron sights, in all other types of events scopes and high-power optics are more likely to be a factor.

Choosing the right scope is always important, but it is equally as critical to choose wisely when selecting scope mounts. Although a relatively small and low-cost customization option, they can have a very large impact on overall accuracy. Choosing the cheapest scope rings and mounts will most certainly result in a loss of accuracy. Choosing the most expensive on the market will not necessarily offer greater accuracy than mid-range options.

What To Consider

The most important factor for scope mounts is that they mount correctly to the gun and remain perfectly in alignment. Keep in mind; they are mounted to the barrel of the gun, so they will be exposed to recoil forces, which can make it very difficult for the mounts to remain in perfect alignment if they are not designed to absorb this type of force.

Additionally, the scope mounts have to be correctly placed on the weapon with regards to both the height for the shooter as well as the location of the scope on the barrel. The height is critical so the shooter can remain in a comfortable position when sighting through the scope.

The eye relief, or the distance the scope is from the eye, also has to be correct or the image seen through the scope will be distorted, and it will negatively impact accuracy. Additionally, the mount has to be designed to suit the rings and the size of the scope for correct fit, placement, and performance.

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