Important Distinctions In Dedicated Web Server Hosting

With all the different options in web server options, even from the same hosting company, it can be more than a bit confusing in deciding which option is the best. For enterprise solutions and for high demand types of application, dedicated web server hosting is often the best option.

The Basics of A Dedicated Web Server

Most types of packages offered for smaller businesses tend to be shared servers. In this type of plan, multiple websites share the resources of the server. Most advanced plans may offer semi-dedicated, which means there are two or more companies on the server sharing the resources. A dedicated server means the customer is using the whole server, with full resources and no sharing or allocations.

With a dedicated web server hosting package, the hosting company physically maintains and manages the server. It is as if the server was located in-house, with the customer having full access to the choice of operating system, the operating panel, and the software and applications on the server.

The customer will also have the ability to modify, add or customize the infrastructure of the server as well as the ability to reboot the server as needed. Some services will also allow the customer to implement custom kernels on the server for further optimization of the specific requirements.

Who Needs Dedicated Servers?

Typically, a company should consider a dedicated web server hosting if they are experiencing a large growth in their customer base, if they have a high traffic website or if there is a requirement of high use of the server resources.

In addition, companies or business with a need to stream data to customers, those running gaming websites or any type of website with large databases and analytic applications should consider a dedicated server to ensure optimal website performance and end-user experience.

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