When Tooth Extractions Are Necessary

No one wants to lose a tooth; the hope is that you can keep your teeth for your lifetime. However, circumstances do arise which prompt your dentist to suggest that a tooth must be removed. The greatest majority of tooth extractions in Bloomingdale are simple. However, on occasion the procedure can be more complicated, and becomes more difficult.

When Does a Tooth Need to Be Extracted?

Teeth are removed due to trauma, crowding, or disease. When the dentist cannot repair a tooth using a filling or a crown, extraction is the preferred course of action. Unchecked periodontal disease will weaken the supporting structure of a tooth, making that tooth a candidate for extraction as well. A tooth that is infected, and does not respond to treatment with antibiotics, may need to be extracted as well.

It is not unusual for an orthodontist to extract one or more teeth before braces are fitted. Wisdom teeth are often removed when they are impacted or grow in an unfavorable position.

Simple vs. Surgical Extractions

When the target tooth is above the gum line and visible to the dentist, the procedure to remove it is called a “simple extraction.” If the target tooth has yet to emerge from below the gum line fully, the dentist will have to remove tissue to get at it surgically. This is called a “surgical” extraction and requires the closing of the site with sutures so that it can heal properly.

Reasons for Surgical Tooth Extractions

Wisdom teeth often have to be extracted surgically as they have not fully erupted through the gum. Extracting a wisdom tooth requires cutting through tissue and bone. Surgical tooth extractions in Bloomingdale are necessary when the tooth has been broken off below the gum line. There are also instances where the bone that surrounds the tooth root has become dense, resulting in the need for surgical extraction.

After tooth extraction, you and your dentist can discuss replacement options to restore full function and appearance.

Simple as well as surgical tooth extractions in Bloomingdale are available from Pure Dental Spa.

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