Four Common Carpet Cleaning Errors to Avoid

Carpet cleaning in Moore OK is not always an easy task. It is often hard work, and sometimes you just cannot seem to get the job done to your satisfaction. However, some of this frustration is due to some common mistakes people make when they attempt to clean carpeting. Here are four things you can avoid to simply the process and make cleaning more efficient.

  1. Waiting on Stain Removal

The best time to remove stains is when they happen. If you give stains long enough to soak in and dry, it is very difficult to get rid of them. In fact, some stains are acidic (like soda pop) and can damage your carpet fibers. When you get to work on stains quickly, you have the best chances for success.

  1. Using the Wrong Cleaners

In some cases, your carpet cleaning efforts in Moore OK can do more damage than good. This is especially true when you use the wrong cleaners. For example, some detergents and cleaning products have harsh chemicals which can attack your carpeting fibers. Some cleaners contain bleach, and this can remove color and cause faded spots. This is sometimes worse than leaving the stain alone. No matter what cleaner you use, always start with a small test area.

  1. Carpet Rental Equipment

Do you sometimes go to your hardware or department store and rent carpet cleaner equipment? This is not always a good idea. These machines get a lot of wear, and it can affect their cleaning efficiency. You need the right equipment and knowledge to do a good job.

  1. Doing it Yourself

It is often better to call professional carpet cleaning services in Moore OK. They have years of experience and some of the best cleaning equipment in the business. Their work is guaranteed, and you can see and smell the difference.

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