What you need to know about SR-22

In the United States, an SR-22 (otherwise known as a certificate of insurance or financial responsibility filing) is a document providing vehicle liability insurance. You probably already know this, but like with many things about auto insurance, there are different sides and facts you may be unaware of. If you’re seeking out an SR-22 in Illinois, there’s likely some factors about it you don’t know. For this, the answers are provided below.

#1. SR-22’s are car insurance verification, not car insurance
An SR-22’s job is to verify to the DMV that you are maintaining car insurance liability coverage. An SR-22’s real purpose is to be a state-mandated form between the auto insurance provider and the DMV, to be delivered by you.

#2. When an SR-22 is required
SR-22’s are meant to be used in the events of:

  • DUI or DWI
  • Any severe moving violation
  • Any accident where you are at fault and driving without insurance
  • A large amount of tickets in a short time frame
  • Driving with a suspended/revoked license

If you’re reading this, then you’ve likely had to turn in at least one SR-22 or are about to. But there are many different ways you can be handed this form.

#3. You need a car insurance policy to get an SR-22
If you didn’t already have car insurance before committing the accident that made you require an SR-22, then you need on in order to get that piece of paper. As stated above, an SR-22 is a written form meant to be between a car insurance provider and the DMV. Obviously, you need both in order to complete this form.

#4. Insurance companies must be state-approved to hand out SR-22’s
SR-22’s are received by going to your car insurance provider and having them give it to you. However, that insurance provider can only hand out SR-22’s if the state authorizes them to do so. Make sure that your provider has this authorization before asking for an SR-22. If they are not, you will have to change your insurance provider in order to get the SR-22.

#5. SR-22’s are astoundingly easy to avoid
The best way to avoid an SR-22 is to simply drive safely. If you do not break any of the rules listed in #2, along with the basic traffic safety laws, you’ll likely never see that paper in your life, much less have to turn it in at the DMV. For more details contact Accurate Auto Insurance at https://www.accurateautoins.com.

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