Were You Pulled Over Unlawfully? A DWI Lawyer in Salisbury, MD Can Help

Before a police officer pulls over a driver, they need to have reasonable suspicion the driver has done something against the law. A simple stop could lead to DWI (driving while intoxicated) charges against the driver. If the driver believes they were not intoxicated and were not lawfully stopped by the officer, they can obtain help from a DWI lawyer in Salisbury, MD to avoid a conviction.

Reasons for Stopping a Person

The officer must have a reason for stopping a vehicle. This could be as simple as saying they saw the driver swerve. Because swerving could be due to an animal in the road or something similar, they will typically observe a person swerve twice or fail to stay in their lane for at least a few seconds before stopping them.

However, the officer cannot just stop a person because they felt like it. In some cases, a lawyer might be able to argue the person’s arrest was unlawful because there was no reason to stop the driver or to test them for driving under the influence.

Reasons It Might Be Escalated to a DWI Charge

A person might be pulled over for failing to stop at a red light, failing to use their turn signal, or any other valid reason to receive a ticket. Once they are stopped, however, the officer might determine the person is possibly intoxicated. In these situations, the person could be asked to take a field test or breathalyzer to determine if they are over the legal limit for driving.

These would be valid reasons for stopping the person, but the officer will still need reasonable suspicion to test the individual for driving under the influence. Officers cannot just test everyone they stop for other infractions. However, officers can state they believed the person’s breath smelled like alcohol or the person was slurring their words as a reason to escalate a standard traffic infraction to a DWI charge.

If you’ve been arrested and charged with a DWI, contact a DWI lawyer in Salisbury, MD to discuss your situation and to find out what your options are. There might be a lot the attorney can do to help you avoid a conviction or minimize the impact the charge can have on your life. Visit an Ocean City Lawyer’s website now to learn more.

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