What To Expect At A Visit With A Medical Marijuana Doctor In Fort Lauderdale, FL

The first visit to a doctor of any type can be stressful for the patient. However, going to the first visit with a medical marijuana doctor in Fort Lauderdale, FL, should be a stress-free event.

A medical marijuana doctor is a practicing medical professional with additional training. They have completed specific education and training on medical cannabis through the Florida Medical Association or another approved professional association.

What to Provide

When scheduling an appointment, the patient will have specific intake forms to complete. These intake forms should be completed fully and provided in advance of the time of the appointment. Most medical marijuana clinics require at least 24-hours to review the medical information and records.

What to Expect

The medical marijuana doctor verifies the medical or psychological condition meets the requirements set forth by the state of Florida. The doctor then ensures that the use of medical marijuana is beneficial for the patient and does not pose any potential health risk.

Once the recommendation is made, the doctor enters the patient’s information into the state registry. The Fort Lauderdale, FL, patient then receives an email with a link to complete the MMJ card application. After completing the application and paying the annual fee, the patient receives a temporary medical marijuana card by email. In seven to ten business days, the patient will receive the actual MMJ card by mail.

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