Marketplace Position and Job Expertise Define Executive Job Search Coaching

An executive job search coach is more than just a coach; they’re specialists in relation to job placement, or career advancement. They are dedicated to uncovering opportunities that potential executives would not have found out about without their help. Everyone wants to achieve their career goals sooner rather than later and a coach is the one with the capacity to see things through.

An executive job search coach generally assists with locating specific opportunities, whether that’s a contract job or a retained search where an executive pre-pays the search firm for exclusive access to certain jobs. They even specialize in helping former military members find and take advantage of job listings.

Coaches retain proprietary methodologies that make all the difference in the world of business. The first step is analysis – which translates to identifying positions that match the goals and objectives of the potential executive. This step involves empathizing with the client and really getting to know where they want to go with their career. Listening is the main skill that completes this initial step.

The second step requires deep knowledge of the positions available. After this, a coach can help the executive craft certain pieces of content that assist with getting the position they can see themselves thriving in for a long time. Market-based insights plus the technology that adds value means being able to perfectly match the candidate with the opportunity. The bottom line, knowledge is critical to the process. Partnering with a coach means optimal recruitment for both the employee and the employer.

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