What Is Sewer Camera Inspection?

The drainage pipes run under the ground. They are responsible for transporting all the wastewater from your house and through the municipal lines until it enters the water treatment facilities or passes through to the sea. However, accessing the drains is not as simple as it seems. These pipes are only accessible through the sewers, which are simply an underground network of tunnels that runs beneath the city. The drain pipes require regular inspection and maintenance because of unforeseen blockages. As a result, sewer camera inspection becomes quite necessary at times.

Inspecting the Sewers

The main reason why the sewers are inspected is to figure out where the blockage lies. Obviously, a conventional camera cannot be used for passing through the sewers. Instead, a highly specialized camera that is capable of being submersed is required. It transmits video to a remote monitor. The sewer camera is passed through the pipes to determine the exact point of the blockage. In some cases, the blockage might be relatively minor. In other situations, it might require the whole pipe to be cut out and replaced.

How Are Sewers Inspected?

Sewer camera inspection is the work of professional plumbers. If you feel that your drain pipes aren’t clearing the water effectively, you might have to call a plumber for an inspection. Inspection is only carried out if a conventional plumbing approach doesn’t work. Once the pipes have been properly inspected and the point of blockage has been determined, the plumbers will start removing the debris. They will first use potent acids and chemicals to melt the blockage. If that doesn’t work, the plumbers might use a jet washer to remove the obstruction. In most situations, the blockage generally occurs due to the buildup of debris or fat in the drain pipes. To know more about sewer camera inspection visit Valley Isle Pumping. You can also connect with them on Facebook.

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