What Are Jib Cranes Used For?

by | May 15, 2024 | Business

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Jib cranes, commonly used in Indiana and elsewhere, are a type of crane commonly used in different industrial applications. Learn more about these types of cranes and their most common uses below.

Components Design

These cranes have a boom (reach) and a mast (pillar). The boom is the horizontal beam on the crane that moves around a fixed point. This boom extends from the central mast, running perpendicular to the ground. The mast is the vertical beam usually made of high-strength steel and supports other components. This beam is secured to the walls or the floor of the building.


Jib cranes have a hoist attached to the reach. This hoist powers the crane’s lifting process so it can carry and transport materials and objects from one location to another. The trolley carries the hoist, hook, and chain or wire rope along the boom’s entire length.

These cranes can achieve a boom rotation of 180 to 360 degrees, depending upon the specific type of jib crane in Indiana and whether it has air lines or collector rings that enable continuous 360-degree rotation. They are operated through push-button controllers.

Industries Where They Are Used

These cranes are used in warehousing to manage inventory and handle materials, in construction to transport loads to difficult-to-reach locations, and in shipping to unload and load materials off of and onto ships and trucks.

These cranes are also used in assembly lines to support production processes, in manufacturing to supplement overhead cranes, in workshops to handle repetitive lifting tasks, and in outdoor use to reduce costs and improve efficiency.