What happens if you have an accident at work?

Accidents can happen anywhere, and that’s not exceptional at your

workplace. However, the government requires companies to protect and

inform employees of their job’s health and safety issues. If you get in an

accident at work, you are entitled to payment and time off. When

accidents happen, here is what you have to do immediately.

Record the accident on the company’s accident book

When you get into an accident at your workplace first, you should record

it in the company’s accident book. It will help if you make a benefit claim

or Statutory Sick Pay (SSP).

However, it’s also good to do the following:

● Take a picture of your injury and whatever caused your accident

● Make sure you have contact details for all the witnesses of your


● Ensure you write down the happenings of your accident on paper

as soon as it happens

● Ask any witnesses to make notes and share them with you

See a doctor

After you record it, it’s good to make an appointment with your doctor.

The doctor will put down details of your accident and medical records

while treating the injury. It will be important if you need to file a legal


How to get pay and benefits if you can’t work

When it comes to paying and benefits, you have to check your work

contract to see if:

● You can get contractual sick pay from the employer, and if your

contact doesn’t include sick pay, ask your director or check on your

staff handbook.

● You have access to an employee helpline or medical care

● If you are not eligible for any of this, you can go ahead and make

a personal injury claim.

Making a legal personal injury claim

If you get in an accident at work and the employer doesn’t offer any

benefit, you can make an individual legal claim. However, it’s a bit

difficult and can take a very long time. For instance, if you slipped and

fell, you can seek legal counsel if you are in Medford and hire a slip and fall accident lawyers to help you make a case. However, if you are a

trade union member, you can reach a local delegate to help. So always

keep in mind that you should seek legal advice quickly.

Accidents can happen anywhere, whether it’s at home or in the

workplace. However, you should know the right way to follow to get

benefits and compensation. By doing this, employers will ensure the

workplace is safe for everyone. Contact Black Chapman Petersen & Stevens for more information.

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