3 Ways Home Health Care Can Help Your Senior Parent

As you notice that your senior parent’s physical or cognitive health begins to degrade, you’ll have to consider care options for them. Rather than uprooting their life to move them into a care facility, consider the benefits of senior home care near Orland Park. This option will help your senior parent remain in their home and enjoy daily companionship while providing them with more practical benefits.

Get Health Care for a Medical Condition

If your parent has already been diagnosed with a physical condition, such as lung cancer, or a mental illness, including dementia, you may need a skilled caregiver in the home. You can request an aide with experience in caring for seniors with the same condition that has affected your parent. This will ensure your parent will get the special attention they may need on a daily basis.

Ensure Medication Is Taken Properly

There are some risks that worry you in terms of your senior parent taking prescription medication. They may forget to take a dose, mix doses, or take too many doses. Either situation can lead to a serious health emergency. A home care aide will ensure your parent takes their medication on time and only takes the prescribed doses.

Get Help With Nutrition and Hygiene

Your parent may also need help in preparing meals or taking care of their personal hygiene. Senior home care near Orland Park can help with these daily routines. An aide will prepare nutritious meals to ensure your parent is getting enough vitamins, fiber, and protein each day. They will also help your parent with grooming, dressing, and oral hygiene. You can learn more about home care options for your senior parent by visiting Home & Hearth Caregivers today.

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