Visit a Dentist Office in Fort Myers Florida for Custom Mouth Guards

If you have a child that plays sports, especially contact sports, then it is important that he or she wears protective equipment. This includes protecting his or her teeth by having him or her wear a mouth guard. While you can buy mouth guards where sporting equipment is sold, you can also purchase a custom mouth guard from your dentist.

Fitting a Mouth Guard

When you take your child to a Dentist Office in Fort Myers Florida, the dentist will make an impression of his or her teeth in order to make him or her a custom mouth guard. This allows the mouth guard to fit properly, which will provide separation between the upper and lower jaw. Then, when he or she is hit on the field or a ball comes in contact with his or her face, the shock will be absorbed and evenly distributed by the mouth guard.

Better Fitting Guard

When you get a mouth guard from a dentist office, it will feel better in the mouth because it will be the right thickness. This will allow your child to breathe more easily while he or she is playing and also let him or her speak better while wearing it. Mouth guards bought at the store often do not fit well and provide very little actual protection.

More Than Tooth Protection

Along with keeping teeth from being chipped if hit by equipment or by someone on the field, the mouth guard made at a dentist office can keep your child from biting his or her tongue or cheek. It will also help guard against concussions because it reduces the force absorbed by the skull. A custom mouth guard can also prevent the jaw from being dislocated or fractured during a game.

By spending a few more dollars for a custom mouth guard, your child will always be in the habit of wearing one when playing sports to protect his or her dental and brain health. Visit here for more details.

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