Using A Micro Motion Coriolis Meter In Oil And Gas Metering

There are several different industries and applications for the Micro Motion Coriolis meter, but one of the industries to use these meters almost exclusively is the oil and gas industry. The ability of the meter to measure low to high flow rates with extreme accuracy is a central consideration in making this the flow meter option of choice.

As with all types of meters, the Micro Motion Coriolis meter used in any oil and gas application has to be correctly sized for the flow rate and the pressure through the system. The issues with the smaller diameter or larger diameter meters need to be considered with regards to low reading or high readings and the accuracy at either end of the spectrum.

Instantaneous Rate

It is important to choose the meter based on the instantaneous rate for the flow through the meter. This is not the same as the production rate, which is an average across production on a daily basis. There are several different steps and measurements used to determine these rates, and knowing the daily production rate and then applying the formula is necessary to choose the right meter for the specific application.
By working with the instantaneous rate, peaks and lows are always accounted for in the selection of the flow meter. Using an average daily production rate eliminates those high and low measurement requirements.

Connection Options

Different options in a Micro Motion Coriolis meter have different transmitters. These can be used with different options for connections and transmission of data. Different features and options are available with the various models in the series, which includes the method of communication as well as the software provided.

The ideal Micro Motion meter for any application will offer MODBUS, but may also provide Analog, Pulse, and HART as well as other options. These meters may also come with hazardous area approvals, which is often an essential factor for use in the oil and gas industry.

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