Common Myths About Colorado Drug Rehab Centers That Need to Be Debunked

The Top Colorado Drug Rehab Centers can help you change your life for the better. However, it is important for you to know the truth about drug rehab since there are a lot of myths floating around about it.

Myth: Drug Rehab Is for Celebrities

You have probably seen television shows that have celebrities who are in rehab for addiction. That is why many people believe that drug rehab is just for celebrities. However, the truth is that treatment is for anyone who is battling an addiction.

Myth: I Will Lose My Job If I Go to Drug Rehab

Many people refuse to go to rehab because they think that they will lose their jobs. The fact is that the Americans with Disabilities Act protects local and state employees from getting fired for going to drug rehab. However, you can be fired if you test positive for illegal drugs. You can also get fired if you cannot safely do your job.

Myth: You Need to Hit Rock Bottom

Many people don’t go to drug rehab until their health, relationships and careers are ruined. You do not need to wait until you are homeless or desperately in debt to go to rehab. In fact, you can avoid hitting rock bottom if you go to drug rehab.

Myth: Rehab Cures Your Addiction

Rehab does not cure addiction because it is a chronic condition. You will have to take steps every day in order to keep your addiction under control. You will also have to go to an aftercare program.

Myth: Treatment Is Expensive

Drug rehab can be pricey, but there are several options that can help you pay for it. You may be able to use health insurance to pay for your treatment. You might also be able to set up a payment plan.

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