Urgent Care Clinics: Hot Commodities in Randolph’s Healthcare Environment

The rapid increase in urgent care clinics is one of many manifestations of people’s growing demand for having their medical needs met more quickly and at a lower price. But why? The following reasons are some of the strongest driving forces behind the urgent care center growth trend.

Open Longer Hours Than Physicians

Doctors’ offices have traditionally had similar operating hours as banks, Monday through Friday, from 9am-5pm. People who work during these hours have long been forced to take time off from work to seek medical attention. Today, these same people can be present at work and visit a healthcare provider at Urgi-Med Urgent Care on Route 10 in Randolph on their way home.

Urgent Care Centers Charge Less Than Many Traditional Healthcare Facilities

Visiting an Urgent Care center usually costs no more than your normal co-pay at a physician specialist’s office. Before the prevalence of Urgent Care centers, individuals needing immediate medical care only had the option of paying the increased costs associated with going to an emergency room after a doctors office’s regular business hours. Today, individuals seeking care can receive prompt attention and compassionate care from the Medical Doctor’s, Physician’s Assistants and certified Medical Assistants at Urgi-Med Urgent Care in Randolph, NJ.

We’ll Urgently Care for You, Too

Urgent care clinics are as popular as they currently are for countless other reasons, too. Many people are becoming big fans of Urgent Care Centers like Urgi-Med Urgent Care because of the exceptional care they provide. To learn more about Urgi-Med Urgent Care visit our website https://www.urgentcare-randolph.com/

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