Types of Personal Injury Cases That Will Benefit From Hiring a Lawyer

The Law Office of Jesse Hernandez in San Antonio is dedicated to seeking justice for those who were seriously injured or lost a family member as a result of the carelessness and negligence of somebody else. We’re committed to protecting the rights of our clients, and we’re not going to push you into taking a quick settlement as opposed to getting what you really deserve.

Categories of Personal Injury Cases

We understand that accidents and serious injuries can cause considerable physical and emotional burdens. We want to ease those burdens by preparing and building a solid personal injury case for you that will result in getting you the compensation that you deserve to get your life back on track. Here are some examples of the types of accidents that our personal injury law firm in San Antonio represents injured victims and their families in:

Car, truck, and motorcycle crashes

Bicycle and pedestrian accidents

Injuries occurring on a property that is owned or occupied by somebody else

Accidents occurring on construction sites and industrial buildings

Wrongful death

Don’t Give a Statement

Always remember that if you’re not represented by an attorney, the opposing insurer is likely to contact you and want a statement from you. Texas law doesn’t require you to help that insurer set up its defense against you. It will only use any information that it obtains from you against you in the future.

Rather than giving that insurer information that it intends on using against you in the future, contact our personal injury law firm in San Antonio to arrange for a confidential no-cost consultation and case review. We’ll listen to you and answer your questions. Then, we can get you turned in the right legal direction.

Contact the Law Office of Jesse Hernandez by phone as soon as possible after an accident at 210-807-8656 to arrange for that free consultation. You can also use our easy contact form on ours.

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