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An interior architecture degree prepares you for many different employment options. Perhaps you would like to work at an architectural firm that designs modern building interiors for commercial and industrial facilities. Maybe you would like to design environmentally friendly and functional office buildings, hospitals, schools, houses of worship, libraries or other types of buildings that are used by a lot of people. Our degree program is the first step to achieving your goal.

Our degree program in interior architecture also prepares you for designing homes. The interior design of a home makes a big difference to the resident’s enjoyment of the place. From homes that are environmentally conscious in their use of resources and materials to those that allow the resident to enjoy the natural setting to the fullest extent possible, you will learn about how interior architecture and the outdoors can come together. You may also choose to focus on an area of interior architecture such as designing tiny houses or efficient apartments for large cities. The housing density of some cities is very high, and people continue to want to have comfortable accommodations at affordable prices. Whether you choose to focus on designing large estates, efficiency apartments, public libraries or the next world-class museum, our program in interior architecture will provide you with the education and connections.

Whether you are ready to embark on a new career or start your first one, our interior architecture degree is a wise choice. We look forward to helping you set and achieve your personal and professional goals. Give us at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago a call today in order to speak with one of our admissions counselors. You may also visit us online and learn more about our degree program in interior architecture.

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