Tips to Catch and Prevent Drug Addiction in Teens

The three most used substances among teens include tobacco, marijuana and alcohol. By the time a teen reaches their senior year in high school, almost half of all teenagers have tried at lease a single, illicit drug. The abuse of alcohol and drugs among teens is still a problem around the nation. While there are a number of options for drug treatment in Los Angeles, the best defense is to catch and prevent it early in the teen’s life.

Statistics about Alcohol and Drug Abuse in Teens

Do you even know the statistics related to teen drug and alcohol abuse? Chances are, the numbers may be quite surprising:

* 11 percent use marijuana
* 7 percent use tranquilizers
* 3 percent used some type of inhalant
* 1 percent used Vicodin, OxyContin and cocaine

Surprisingly, under one percent of teens tried Ecstasy. These stats above are based on 8th grade students and their use.

The use of drugs among 12th graders was a bit different:

* 35 percent tried or used marijuana
* 8 percent tried or took Vicodin
* 7 percent used some type of tranquilizer
* 6 percent experimented with cocaine
* 6 percent tried or used Ecstasy
* 3 percent used OxyContin

What to Do if You Suspect Addiction?

If a parent or friend suspects addiction, it is essential not to ignore the signs. As time passes, the person will only become more addicted to the substance, making it more and more difficult to treat. At the first sign of trouble, it is a good idea to contact a drug treatment in Los Angeles facility to help evaluate the problem and determine what the best course of action is.

A key thing to remember is that not all drug treatment programs are created equally. This means that each patient needs to find the one that best suits their need and their particular addiction. Custom treatment plans that focus on what works for patients is the best way to recover from addiction. Also, an addict has to have a strong support system to ensure they continue to follow the rehab treatment system to ensure that the addiction does not return.

There are both in and outpatient facilities available to choose from and each person who is addicted will have to determine what the right option for their needs actually is. Taking the time to do this will pay off and ensure that the best results possible will be achieved from the treatment they receive from the drug treatment in Los Angeles facility.

Do you need drug treatment in Los Angeles? If so, be sure to call on the help and services from the Gooden Center.

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