5 Signs Someone Needs To Check into Rehab

When you are close to someone that has a problem with drugs, of any type, it is very difficult to determine what abuse is, what addiction is and when someone has a serious problem that requires professional help and intervention from a Malibu drug treatment facility.

Remember, if you know the person, you will know when their behavior or actions are out of character, which makes you uniquely qualified to recognize any changes that may occur in their behavior. If you are still unsure, you can consider some of the following warning signs that someone you are close to may need help due to drug use.

Here are five signs that a person you know may need drug rehab.

Number 1: The person begins to lose their family due to their continued abuse of drugs.

When drug use is an issue, one of the first things to suffer is family relationships. If you notice that a person that you love is taking drugs and will not be able to continue the relationship as long as the drug use continues, this is a clear sign that outside rehabilitation is needed.

Number 2: If the person is missing school or work, or even is suspended or fired due to drug abuse, drug rehab is necessary.

While there are a few functional drug users, for example those who use and still work or attend school, it is much more common for them to struggle with keeping up with the work load and even being able to arrive at work on time. With these issues they may find it hard to keep a job or stay updated in school. If a person you know has dropped out of school, been fired or faced other work or school related consequences due to drug use, they are in need of drug rehab.

Number 3: If someone has both medical and psychological issues that are worsened by the drug use, they need drug rehab intervention.

Drugs are often used as a technique of self-medication for people that have physical or mental problems. This will often lead to addiction and abuse that can cause even more problems for the individual in the long run.

Number 4: There are clear signs of physical abuse or violence when taking the drug or other substance.

Drugs affect everyone differently. In some cases, the continued use of a substance may cause the person that is taking the drug to become violent and lash out with words and in some cases physical violence. If you notice a change in a person’s temperament when the drugs are being used, it is a clear sign that additional rehab is needed.

Number 5: If a person using drugs has tried to stop on their own without success, it may be time to seek outside rehab.

Is the person able to stop using the drugs when they want to? Additionally, do they experience withdrawal symptoms when they attempt to quit? If they are unable to simply quit or have severe symptoms of withdrawal, then they will need outside intervention with professional drug rehab.

If you are worried that you have a loved one who suffers from an addiction, seek Malibu drug treatment from Serenity Malibu.

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