Tips For Installing Flush Mount Industrial Ceiling Fans

In retail outlets, entertainment venues, churches, grocery stores, or any type of industrial or commercial building with ceilings over 12 feet in height, installing flush mount industrial ceiling fans offers a cost-saving option.

The installation of industrial ceiling fans that are designed to create a circulation of the air rather than a downdraft or a breeze helps to create an even temperature throughout the room. Without these fans, the air separates into zones or layers, with the coolest on the bottom and the hottest at the top. This is not only energy inefficient, but it keeps HVAC systems running and adds to wear and tear on all components in the system.

Adding flush mount industrial ceiling fans that break up these layers and mix the air for uniform temperature throughout the space helps to reduce the use of the HVAC system. This, in turn, reduces overall energy costs while also improving air quality and getting rid of hot and cold pockets throughout large spaces.

Styles and Options

With flush mount industrial ceiling fans, the fan motor and housing are hidden from view above the ceiling. All that is seen from the ground is the face of the housing, and the gentle downward motion of the air from these self-contained fans is barely noticeable. There are also some options in these fans that can be connected to ductwork, and the choice is largely based on the specific industrial or commercial application.

The installation itself is simple. The fans are designed to fit into a suspended ceiling tile space or within the grid. The fans are located strategically in the room to maximize air circulation in all areas. With custom colors available for the flush mounted face of these fans, they can blend into the ceiling and operate without drawing any attention to their presence.

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