5 Things to Avoid Immediately After Botox in Chevy Chase, Maryland

Creams and serums help to keep the skin fresh, but no over-the-counter product can offer the smoothness provided by a few Botox injections. The natural appearance of a Botox treatment makes it easy for people to forget they underwent a cosmetic service but proper skincare affects the results. Here are five tips to remember during the hours after treatment.

#1. Go Without Makeup

Technicians carefully administer Botox injections to the areas that need a boost. Rubbing the face to apply or remove makeup after an appointment could cause the product to shift under the skin. Try to wear minimal makeup or no makeup to the appointment and keep the skin bare for about 24 hours.

#2. Use Ice Carefully

Some swelling is natural after receiving Botox in Chevy Chase MD. Cold compresses and ice packs can relieve the swelling and redness but be cautious with their weight. A good option is a bag of frozen peas. It is lightweight and flexible and easy to refreeze.

#3. Avoid Any Naps

Experts recommend that people do not lie down for about four hours after their injections. Laying down could cause the product to move under the skin. It is not only a worry for side or stomach sleepers but can even become an issue for back sleepers.

#4. Keep it Cool

Bruises can appear or worsen in the heat, so avoid all sources of excess heat after treatment. Stay out of the shower or tub, do not go into a sauna, and do not sunbathe. Stay in an air-conditioned environment if the outside temperatures spike or use compresses to keep the skin cool.

#5. Cancel Yoga Class

Any activity that causes people to bend down for a prolonged span of time could cause problems after Botox in Chevy Chase MD. Yoga classes that encourage participants to hold a pose are an easy example of a situation that could cause a problem. The potential for the product to move means that an upright position works best for the first few hours.

The effectiveness of Botox relies on the product addressing the specific areas of concern. Talented technicians, like those at Tamjidi Skin Institute, work carefully to apply the product in the areas needed. Clients can sabotage their results if they do not follow the warnings after their appointment.

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