Three Reasons Gold Bullion Coins are a Solid USA Self Directed IRA Option

A self-directed IRA is a great retirement vehicle for many people. The only difference between this retirement vehicle and others is that the self-directed IRA is funded with precious metals. This makes it an alternative investment. To fund the account, one precious metal you can use is gold bullion coins.

Here are three reasons why gold bullion coins are a solid funding option for self-directed IRAs.

Meant to be Stored

Those who are comfortable with alternative investments probably already know that precious metals are meant to be stored. While there are people who enjoy collecting coins and keeping their collection nearby, bullion coins can be treated as a collection, too. Except in this case, these coins are going to fund your retirement and therefore require safekeeping. So, when you open a self-directed IRA, a professional is going to help you store them as well.

Not Designed for Commerce

These coins are not designed for commerce. They are not currency per se. The coins hold value as an investment but cannot be used to purchase items in a store. To do that, you would need to cash them in first.

Qualifies for a Self-Directed IRA

Bullion coins made from gold qualify as a funding source for a self-directed IRA. Among other precious metals that qualify are silver, platinum and palladium. When you are ready, contact a professional who is ready to help.

For more information about gold bullion coins as a self-directed IRA funding option, contact Orion Metal Exchange at

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