Details About 24-Hour Bail Bonds in Atlanta

In Atlanta, bail bonds are permitted to assist financially-restricted defendants. The bonds are provided by a licensed bail bondsman who provides documents for the county jail after the payment is received. A local bail bondsman provides 24-hour bail bonds in Atlanta for all defendants who are eligible for bail.

What to Present the Bail Bondsman

The defendant must provide their name, the name of the jail where they are, their date of birth, and the booking number provided by the county jail. If the defendant has a representative, they can contact the bail bondsman on behalf of the defendant. The total value of the bail must also be disclosed.

How to Obtain the Bail Bond

The defendant or their representative must provide a payment or collateral to the bail bondsman. The value of the payment or collateral must equate to the value of the bail bond. The bail bondsman charges a percent of the total value of the bail assigned by the judge. Typically, the value doesn’t exceed fourteen percent of the bail value.

The defendant or representative could provide a payment via cash, check, or credit card charge. The collateral accepted for bail bonds is real estate, automobiles, jewelry, and other financial accounts such as savings or CDs. The individual providing the collateral must provide a deed, title, or some form of ownership verification for the bail bondsman.

What Are the Repercussions of Failing to Appear in Court?

By purchasing the bail bond, the defendant agrees to appear in court as directed by the judge. Any failure to appear will lead to a bench warrant issued by the judge. The bail bond is revoked immediately. Any collateral used to secure the bail bond is collected by the bail bondsman.

In Atlanta, bail bonds are an alternative to paying the full value of the bail. After the defendant attends an arraignment, they are aware of the total bail value assigned to them. At which time, the defendant or their representative could purchase a bail bond. Defendants who need 24 hour bail bonds in Atlanta are encouraged to check out Free at Last Bail Bonds for further details.

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