The Role Of Family Counseling In Puyallup WA In Addiction Recovery

People who are seeking to recover from an addiction usually get the most benefit from multiple modes of treatment. In addition to medically supervised detox and sober living arrangements, psychological and emotional support are crucial. These forms of support may include group therapy, a 12-step program, individual counseling, coaching, and family therapy. Family Counseling in Puyallup WA can play an especially important role in recovery for the following reasons.

It Provides Added Support To The Substance User

Bringing the family together for regular counseling sessions provides added support for the addict. The presence of close family members in counseling sessions lets addicts know that their family members truly care about them and are invested in their recovery, even if the addiction has caused those relationships to become strained over the years. Family counseling can remind people of the love and close connections they share.

It Helps All Family Members Have Better Communication Skills

Most families can benefit from therapy that teaches better communication strategies. Family members often find themselves locked into long-established roles and behavior patterns, and they are not able to change those patterns without intervention. Often family members come to realize that they are enabling their loved one’s addiction, and therapy can help them learn new and better ways to respond.

It Helps Family Members Realize The Value Of Self-Care

Because addiction affects not only the addict but everyone else who loves him or her, families also suffer from a loved one’s addiction, and they may need help to cope with what they’re going through. Counselors can provide valuables insights and advice on how family members can – and should – care for themselves while supporting a loved one in recovery.

It Limits The Impact Of The Addiction On Other Family Members

One of the most severe impacts an addiction can have is on the next generation. Research has shown that children of substance abusers are 8 times more likely to develop an addiction than children whose parents are not addicts. While genetics is a factor, addiction is also strongly influenced by the home environment. Family Counseling in Puyallup WA can play a crucial role in helping families break the cycle of addiction.

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