Signs it’s Time for Water Pipe Repairs in Philadelphia

Most homeowners assume that they’ll know immediately if something is going wrong with their water pipes. In reality, though, this is often not the case, as many pipes are located under floors, between walls, or even underground. Those who want to ensure that their plumbing is in good shape should stay on the lookout for the following warning signs that it’s time for Water Pipe Repairs in Philadelphia and should call a plumber immediately if there are any issues.

Visible Holes or Cracks

The most obvious sign that it’s time to start looking into finding a plumber is visible holes or cracks in pipes. These holes and cracks often begin as rust spots, so keep an eye out for them as well. Not all water pipes have a constant flow of water, so leaks might not be as obvious as homeowners would think, but keeping an eye out for any visible signs of damage can help to prevent them.

Corroded Pipes

Corrosion should always be considered a cause for serious concern, whether the corroded pipes are located indoors or outside. It’s usually easier to notice signs of corrosion on outdoor pipes, by any pipe in or around the home may be at risk if it is old. Corroded pipes can wind up bursting and causing substantial water damage, so it’s always best to call a professional immediately should signs of corrosion be noticed.

Decrease Water Pressure

Noticeable and unexplained decreases in water pressure are almost always caused by water leaks somewhere in the plumbing system. Any homeowner who notices that the water pressure is no longer sufficient to take showers, wash dishes, or perform other household tasks should call a plumber to determine whether there are any leaks in their systems. If there are, they should contract Water Pipe Repairs in Philadelphia as soon as possible to avoid further water damage.

Get Help Today

Any homeowner who has noticed these or other obvious symptoms of leaky or damaged pipes should start looking into local plumbers immediately. Contact City Plumbing to schedule an appointment for an evaluation today. From there, a plumber can suggest what kinds of repairs or replacements must be made to restore the home’s plumbing.

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