The Primary Reasons to Install and Use EHR Practice Management Software

As the manager of a mental health treatment facility, you are responsible for ensuring its daily function and security. You achieve this goal in part by relying on computer software programs to maintain and update patient records.

When your current program no longer keeps up with the demands of your clinic, it could be time to upgrade to newer EHR practice management software. The reasons to use this program can outweigh any concerns involved with its cost or implementation.

Higher Patient Confidentiality

The people who come to your clinic for treatment count on their records being kept confidential and off-limits to unauthorized parties. They expect their information to be available to their mental health providers and to medical staff who are permitted to view their details for the sake of dispensing medication to them.

The software is designed to keep patient records locked and out of sight of people who do not have authorization to access them. You can maintain patients’ confidentiality to a higher degree than you could with outdated software.

Cohesive Sharing among Providers

The software also allows for mental healthcare providers at your facility to share information with other. They can make notes and update details on patient records without having to telephone or email each other.

You can find out more about using EHR practice management software at your facility online. Contact AZZLY to request a free demonstration of the program or go to

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