Keep Cleaning Under Control When Raleigh Schools Close for Breaks

People recognize child care savings when their kids are in school. A lesser-known advantage of the time is a cleaner home. You’ll better enjoy having your children at home for holiday and summer breaks if you have a plan for extra cleaning these breaks require.

Easy Meal Preps

Replacing five days of school lunches and snacks is quite a task. Resist the temptation to spend money on takeout and processed foods. Try sandwiches, one-pot meals and hand-held snacks like hummus with vegetables or nut butters with fruit.

Clean up lunch dishes immediately so they do not linger until dinner.

Make Chores Lessons

Cleaning services Raleigh families depend on certainly increase during school breaks. However, families can get kids in on the action. Replace school lessons with life lessons and teaching moments.

Children of all ages learn good habits and responsibility from simple chores. They can:

  • Rinse dishes
  • Sort laundry
  • Learn recycling
  • Wipe surfaces

Family Cleaning Days

As spring and summer breaks drag on, make it fun for the family to tidy together. Stream fun music to motivate kids to join you. The promise of a night at the movies or dinner will motivate everyone to meet the cleaning goals.

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