The Materials Used for the Frames of Eyeglasses in NYC

There are a lot of decisions to make when shopping for Eyeglasses in NYC. How they look does matter, but one of the most important considerations is the material used for the frame. The frame material has a lot to do with how the frames look and last and how comfortable the glasses are to wear. Anyone purchasing new glasses should learn more about what material would be best for them.

Top Metal Frames

People that prefer metal usually want a frame that looks elegant and sophisticated. There are differences in the types of metal used in eyeglass frames. Beryllium and titanium are grey or silver metals. Titanium is frequently mixed with other metals for a unique color and to reduce the cost. Both metals are good for people with sensitive skin, but alloys may cause a problem if the wearer is allergic to the metal mixed with the titanium.

Affordable Metal Options

Aluminum and monel (a mixture of multiple metals) are options for people that want something affordable but durable. The frames made from these metals are not hypoallergenic and need to be plated before they can be worn by anyone with a skin allergy.

Top Plastic Frames

Zylonite and cellulose acetate propionate are two popular types of plastic frames used for Eyeglasses in NYC. Both materials are lightweight and come in an amazing array of colors and patterns. Cellulose acetate propionate is the lightest material of all products commonly used for glasses, and the frames often have a high-gloss finish.

Affordable Plastic Options

Nylon lenses are one of the least expensive frame materials available. This does not mean that the eyeglasses made from nylon are cheap. In fact, because nylon is so easy to mold into any shape it is one of the most popular materials because of the range of styles available. It is also a durable choice because nylon is flexible and resists breakage.

Many eyeglass designers offer their own alloys or use a proprietary plating for more durability or to make the frames hypoallergenic. Always discuss the material composition with an eyeglass specialist at Charlotte Jones Opticians to find the models that will protect sensitive skin or if the pressure from the weight of eyeglasses has caused discomfort in the past.

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