Buy Eclipse Glasses to Protect Eyes While Sky Watching

A solar eclipse is something everyone should see at least once in their lifetime. But how do you view a solar eclipse without damaging your eyes?

The majority of sky watchers will buy eclipse glasses to protect their eyes from sun damage.

Solar Retinopathy

Solar retinopathy occurs when solar viewers look directly at the sun without eye protection. This occurs when too much ultraviolet light floods the retina.
This results in blurred vision, dark spots, light sensitivity, and permanent damage to the retina. In extreme cases, it can cause blindness.

Damage to the eyes can occur in less than two minutes, but that varies depending on the intensity of the sun and the dilation of the pupils.

It is important to note the retina has no pain receptors so damage can occur without the viewer realizing it.

Importance of Eclipse Glasses

Solar eclipse glasses are designed to protect the wearer’s eyes but still allow the viewer to witness the eclipse in a comfortable and safe manner.

Sky watchers can buy eclipse glasses at retail stores and online. When looking to purchase solar glasses make certain the glasses meet the standard for the ISO-12312-2 international safety standard for safe solar viewing. Eclipse glasses that meet this standard protect the wearer’s eyes from any potential sun damage.

Beware Counterfeit Solar Glasses

When you buy eclipse glasses, check to make sure the ISO standard and logo are printed on the side of the glasses. Be aware there are many counterfeit solar glasses with the ISO information printed on them.

In order to curb the flood of counterfeit solar glasses, the AAS Solar Eclipse Task Force created a list of approved reputable vendors whose products meet the minimum standard for solar glasses.

Wearing certified eye protection is the only way to safely view a solar eclipse and protect the eye from potential sun damage.

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