The Benefits of Using MDF Doors and Drawer Fronts

MDF is nothing new. Medium density fibreboard is an engineered material that has been in constant use for many years. It is used extensively for kitchen cabinet doors and drawer fronts. MDF has many attributes, which makes it a better choice than wood in many applications and situations.

What is MDF?

MDF is an engineered wood material. It is made from hardwood and softwood sawdust combined with resin. The material is pressed in dense sheets under high pressure and heat. It is superior to particleboard and easier to work with than plywood.

Why Use MDF?

There are many possibilities when it comes to the use of MDF. When it comes to kitchen and bathroom cabinetry, MDF doors and drawer fronts are very popular, and it takes paint beautifully.

Solid wood is also used in cabinet construction, but it does not do as well as MDF. Wood is natural, organic material; it takes in moisture and gasses it off depending on the ambient temperature and humidity. Wood cabinet doors and drawer fronts will expand in the humid springtime and contract in the dry summers. Over a short period, you will see cracks where the panels come together at a joint. You will also experience warping and bowing of the panels.


MDF is an excellent material. MDF is stable, smooth, durable, hard, and easy to maintain and is easy to paint. MDF can just as easily take a faux finish. The look of wood can be simulated using a gel stain and graining tools, all of which are available in any hardware or DIY superstore.

MDF doors and drawer fronts are here to stay. They are an affordable alternative to solid wood as well as plywood. MDF is easy to work and are available in a variety of raised panel designs as well as flat panel and custom designs.

MDF doors and drawer fronts are the perfect solution for a beautiful kitchen. To see the products available, visit LOVECH Ltd. in Toronto.

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