Important Dog Vaccines from a Pet Clinic in Alexandria

Owning a dog is a big responsibility. Dogs rely on their owners to care for them and to provide them with the things they need. All dogs should receive certain vaccinations from a Pet Clinic in Alexandria. Vaccines protect the animal from harmful diseases.


Every dog needs to have a current rabies vaccination. This deadly disease affects the dog’s brain and central nervous system. Dogs catch rabies from the bite of another infected animal. Common carriers include skunks, bats and raccoons. It can infect any domestic animal, including cats and dogs.

Most cities have laws in place that require all pets to be fully vaccinated against rabies. This is because rabies can also be transmitted to humans. Most human cases of rabies have proven fatal. It’s important for dogs to get a rabies vaccine every year from a Pet Clinic in Alexandria.


One of the most highly infectious diseases that affects dogs is parvovirus. This virus attacks both the gastrointestinal track and the immune system. While dogs of any age can catch parvo, puppies are the most likely to succumb to the disease.

Parvovirus is highly contagious, and the virus can remain alive in the fecal waste of an animal for more than a year. It’s very difficult to kill the virus on surfaces. The only way to fully protect a dog from catching parvo is by having them vaccinated.


Related to the measles virus, distemper is a contagious virus than can infect certain types of wildlife and domestic animals, including dogs and ferrets. When a dog catches distemper, they usually have a high fever, nasal discharge and a cough. After a week, the virus settles in other parts of the body, including the nervous system.

There is no cure for distemper, and treatment is usually focused on relieving the symptoms. The virus has a long life cycle, and dogs may show symptoms for 3-5 weeks. Vaccinating a pet is the best way to protect them from this deadly virus.

There are many vaccinations recommended for dogs. Vaccines save lives and prevent the spread of many harmful diseases. Browse our website to learn about other vaccines that may be beneficial to your dog.

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