Temporary Fixes Until You Can Afford A Foundation Repair Company in Fairfax VA

A foundation repair company in Fairfax VA might have to complete some rather expensive work in order to fix a home’s foundation. Naturally, some homeowners can’t afford the cost of foundation repair until they are able to save some money. What do they do while saving for repair work? Fortunately, thee are some ways they can prevent more water damage.

Caulking Cracks And Holes

While saving up money to hire a foundation repair company in Fairfax VA to make permanent repairs, a homeowner can use caulk as a temporary fix. Caulk is inexpensive and works quite well for closing up cracks and holes. It doesn’t take much skill in order to use caulk. A homeowner can just watch a tutorial video online so that they can get a basic understanding of how to apply caulk to their foundation. Temporary solutions won’t fix the underlying problem and more caulk might have to be applied to new cracks that develop.

Keeping Water Away

When a foundation that allows water into a basement can’t be repaired by a professional, it’s a good idea for the homeowner to work extra hard to keep water away. That means checking gutters to make sure that they are dispersing rainwater a good distance away from the foundation of the building. In areas where it can be done, a slope should be created so that water flows away from the home’s foundation.

Keeping The Basement Clean

If too much moisture is allowed to get into a basement, there will definitely be problems with mold and mildew. All a homeowner can do until they can afford foundation repair is to keep the basement clean. Bleach can be used to kill mold and get rid of mildew. Using a patch kit can help to fix problems on the inside of the home. A company like Worldwide Waterproofing and Foundation Repair, Inc. can be used to fix a home’s foundation.

It’s easy to understand why a homeowner might not have thousands of dollars on hand to fix a serious issue with their foundation. While saving, they can do little things in order to protect their home.

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