How to Get Pearly Whites: Veneers, Talk to Your Dentist About This Method

Many people find themselves running on coffee or some other caffeinated drink. Over time, these drinks can really wreak havoc on our teeth, on both the cosmetic and makeup aspects of the tooth. This staining increases significantly as we age and lose more of our enamel. So, what can you do to stop this degradation of your teeth? How about trying veneers by a Cary, IL dentist? What are they and what can these laminates do?


Veneers are usually porcelain laminates that are attached to the front of your teeth. The reason porcelain is used is because of its makeup. As porcelain is bonded with your teeth, it acts as closely to the function of your natural teeth as possible. Porcelain is very resistant to stains, so while a full-blown coffee addiction isn’t recommended, occasional coffee drinking is okay. Additionally, porcelain looks very similar to natural teeth and is easy for dentists to mold into your mouth.

What are They Useful For?

Generally, veneers are used for cosmetic dentistry, but are also handy for restorative practices. If your teeth are chipped or stained, these laminates are great at covering up the discoloration or filling in the small missing tips. Similarly, if your tooth is significantly worn out, your dentist can use these porcelain fixtures to add more strength into your tooth and help support your lips and cheeks. Not only do they give your teeth a better look, but they help take years off of your face by filling out the cheeks and lips correctly.

Simple Process

Contrary to popular belief, not all dental work takes hours and these laminates fall under this category. Depending on your smile goals and the complexity of your case, your dentist can apply these porcelain laminates within an hour and with minimal work.

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