Talking About Sleep

If you have trouble breathing at night to the point where it disrupts your sleep for an extended time, then you might want to consider meeting with someone to discuss sleep apnea. There are a few symptoms that you can pay attention to if you believe that you have this condition along with a few different causes, some that you might not realize that you have. When you talk with a sleep apnea causes Victoria doctor, you need to describe the way that you feel at night and during the day after trying to sleep. You also need to talk about any health issues that you know about as these could be causing the sleep apnea that you have.

When the muscles in your throat relax and prevent you from breathing normally at night, this is usually considered obstructive apnea. Central apnea occurs when the brain doesn’t send all of the proper signals to the muscles that help to control your breathing while you’re asleep. Some of the symptoms that you might experience include snoring that continues to become worse over time. This is often the first sign that other people will notice and will alert you about so that you know something could be going on with your sleep habits. A sleep apnea causes Victoria office can examine when you snore to determine if there are other reasons that this is happening.

Sometimes, you might wake up at night because you’re gasping for air. This is a dangerous situation that can become much worse and that could result in not breathing at all while you’re sleeping. If you have a dry mouth when you wake up in the morning, it’s usually because you keep your mouth open at night. This is because you’re trying to get more air into your airway while you’re asleep. Insomnia and being sleepy during the day are also symptoms that you need to discuss with your doctor as they could relate to sleep apnea.

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